Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Honey Guide Bird and the Badger

Animals have different abilities. Birds can fly and see things. Land animals such as badgers can't fly but they have other abilities such as being able to grip their legs around a tree and knock down food with their paws, like fruit or hives of honey. So, what if birds and land animals helped each other? It happens, believe it or not! The Honey Guide bird flies around looking for honey bee nests, but isn't strong enough to tear them open. Badgers like honey, too, but they have more trouble finding honey than birds do! So, after a honey bird finds a honey bee nest, it calls the badger and the badger follows the bird. Sometimes the bird has to stop and wait for the slow-poke badger. When the badger reaches the honey bee nest, it tears it open. Then the badger and the honey bird gobble it up together!

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