Friday, January 12, 2007

Bugs GIve Tips about Society and Seduction

The Robber Fly

The female robber fly is likely to attack her mate, so courtship is perilous. Some male robber flies deal with this by presenting their prospective partner with a small insect such as a midge wrapped in silk, then will mate with her while she unwraps and consumes her present.

Provide your lady with nicely wrapped gifts so she'll be happy and not bite your head off.


Grasshoppers are solitary and come together just for mating. But, under certain circumstances in crowded conditions their physical form and color changes and they become a swarming horde of locusts.

Normally harmless individuals go crazy after they've joined up with a mob.

Assassin Bugs

Various assassin bugs look much like the prey they feed on. Some use paralyzing venom as a liquid projectile.

Be paranoid. Don’t assume that someone who seems similar to you is a friend.


The male damselfly performs a fluttering aerial dance while facing his mate, after which she will usually consent to mate with him.

A gentleman might consider performing a Full Monty routine to impress
the ladies.

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